"In our day to day actions, it is often the small and simple things that will have a long-lasting impact. What we say, how we act, and how we choose to react will influence not only ourselves but also those around us. We can build up, or we can tear down." -Per G. Malm

Sunday, December 20, 2009

November in a nutshell

So the holidays are upon us and it has been crazy busy. I obviously haven't taken the time to post. Well since it is almost Christmas I thought I should at least recap November. So here are the highlights of the month of Thanks and Giving.
Craft time with Emily. She made a VERY colorful turkey.
Gingerbread houses at the Jones' A tradition 2 years in the making.

Saw my friend Lisa in an amazing performance of Fiddler on the Roof.

Went to the midnight Showing of New Moon with all my girl friends.

And celebrated Thanksgiving. We went to Brock's mom's family at noon on and his dad's at 5:00 on the actual holiday and then got around to my family on the 3rd.
It was a great month filled with lots of fun things. It is never boring on the Fruth Frontier.

I love him because

So anyone knows I am married to the most wonderful man in the entire world, nay, universe. I love him for so many reasons and i love him more and more everyday. But one of the reasons I love him is because he never ceases to make me smile. As I announce that we are having manicotti for dinner he proceeds to tell our children that "Mommy is a manihotti". Smile, warm fuzzy feeling, lots of love. I am so glad I have eternity to spend with this man.

Clever Little Girl

So I was mopping the kitchen the other day and noticed that I the floor needed some attention along the baseboard. So I said "Emily, I have a special job for you." I got out the cleaning toothbrush and had her get along the baseboard while I did the rest of the floor. She did fairly well for a three year old. But the best part was that she was singing while cleaning. Not just any song mind you, it was "Cinderelly, Cinderelly..." Either she watches too many movies or just felt like a princess at that moment.