"In our day to day actions, it is often the small and simple things that will have a long-lasting impact. What we say, how we act, and how we choose to react will influence not only ourselves but also those around us. We can build up, or we can tear down." -Per G. Malm

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Love It

So tonight at dinner Emily and my dad were talking and he says to her that tomorrow they can go out and dig in our flower garden (He is going to help me finish getting it mulched and stuff before winter.) Anyway Emily looks at my dad with a gleam in her eye and a huge excited smile and says "you mean like dogs?" I laughed so hard. She is forever cracking me up.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

3 years old already?

Wow it is so hard to believe that three years ago I was in labor for 12 hours; two of which were spent pushing and this little "thing", this tiny miracle, this blessing was brought into this world and has blessed my life. I get so frustrated with her just as much as I laugh with her and she makes me smile. She keeps me humble and teaches me so much about myself and life.
That was then...
This is now:
I love you Emily. You are my life.

Birthday Party #1

So my baby is not longer a baby anymore. 3 years has flown by. She has actually been 3 a coupla weeks but I am a little slow on the update here. I decided it would be fun to have a friends party for her this year. I decided that I am not going to do that again until she asks for one or we have a house. Everything went fine and all it was just a little crazy having 8 kids and five adults in a 1200 sq. ft. apartment. Mainly in the lower level of that apartment halving the square footage. Thanks to my good friends who helped man the kids especially since Meghan decided it was time to eat while they were all there outside playing and thanks to my wonderful husband and great little brother for manning the kitchen the entire time. We went with a Fall Carnival (of sorts) theme this year. They decorated mini pumpkins, played games with pumpkins, ate home made caramel corn and hand dipped corn dogs and elephant ears. The guys did a great job. They tasted just like something you would get at a fair.

Birthday Party #2

So Friday (actual birthday) we did some celebrating with just us. Emily requested tacos for her birthday dinner and chocolate cake. She is a 3 year old who knows what she wants.

Birthday Party #3

This is the party with the grandparents on Saturday. There were a lot more pictures but I picked the top 5. Bubble wrap was the favorite gift until the tea set came out.

Brock partied hard. He fell asleep right in the middle of the festivities.

We made a pumpkin roll and cheesy potato soup in bread bowls for dinner

She now has big girl panties. Here she is donning the entire pack. I guess it will still work like a diaper if you put all 5 pair on. She has since learned they go on under the panties and potty training is going well. Yeah! Hoo rah!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Emily Says....

So the two new recent things Emily has said that made me laugh are:

No Way Hosey (Jose)

We had a family home evening lesson on the sacrament. You know things we should be doing or not doing. What we should be thinking about and why it is important. So we are using the picture of the deacons passing the water from the Gospel Art Picture kit and I say, "Emily, the sacrament water is special water. Do you know why it is special water?" She nods ever so sure of herself and says "its chocolate water"

Trunk or Treat

I like continuity and themes. So this year I was a flower done at the last minute right before we left for the party but you get the jest. The girls were bees and my super cute hubby was a bee keeper. I've already got next years planned. And Brock will do it wether he wants to or not.

Grandpa was an Argentine Cowboy.

Em is just a little excited about that candy.


On Halloween night my friend Pualani held the annual Hamman Family Halloween Party. It is usually just for the kids but it was a lot of fun. It is amazing to me how much joy and fun I can have watching my kids have fun. Here is a quick recap in pictures:
Wagon ride around the yard and through the side woods.
wow, little girl in the pink, don't look so excited.

Meghan having too much fun; as always.

The ghost pinata.

The mummy cheese ball I made for the party.

Time to relax

The last load of laundry is in the dryer.
The Kitchen is cleaned from dinner.
Floor is swept.
Living Room cleaned and vaccuumed.
Menu planned for tomorrow.
To Do list done.
Email checked.
Husband at business meeting.
Time to blog or read a book or watch a movie or whatever I want.

Emily woke up yesterday morning with a fever of 101.5. Today it is gone and all that is left is a runny nose and bit of cough. She is still a little irratible. I can't tell if that is because she is still under the weather or if she is back to normal. Meghan is grumpy and clingy and jealous of Emily getting held a lot over the last two sick days. I think part of it is she is cutting a couple of molars. Life is good. I have a wonderful husband and two absolutely beautiful girls. Meghan is moving along. She walks if she holds on to her push toy and will cruise the furniure and or people when ever she gets a chance. She crawls so fast and goes up the stairs just as fast. Time to get out the gate. Well its been time for a while but I really should do it soon. Well Brock just got home and I'd like to get a shower before bed. (Didn't get that one done on today's to do list).

Monday, November 2, 2009


"Here Meghan let me feed you. I do it myself mom"
The look says it all

They really dig that baby Einstein.