"In our day to day actions, it is often the small and simple things that will have a long-lasting impact. What we say, how we act, and how we choose to react will influence not only ourselves but also those around us. We can build up, or we can tear down." -Per G. Malm

Saturday, February 21, 2009


My little Ham. Anna came over with her digital camera to take pictures of the girls since I had cancelled our Picture People Appointment. It was pouring rain and not worth the free 8 X 10.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From the Mouth of Babes

So Emily was angry yesterday and yelled out “Son of a Gun” very heatedly. It was very odd to hear her say and it actually sounded foul coming from her. So I guess I will have to watch what I say more closely because she does imitate everything that I say and do, even the fluctuation and tone

Suds, Suds, and More Suds

Let me paint a picture for you. Brock is in the office working on stuff for the Elder’s Quorum Valentine’s Dinner coming up this Saturday. I am giving the girls a bath. Emily is in the back of the tub playing with her toys while Meghan is in the front of the tub in her baby tub. She is surprisingly not crying seeming to enjoy her bath (not something that is normal). Emily is “helping” by squirting Meghan’s hair with an empty trial size baby shampoo bottle. I get her all washed up and then Emily “helps” by rinsing Meghan’s hair with the plastic glass we use for bath time. Fortunately she didn’t drown but was not pleased nonetheless. So I get her out and take her to my room to get her dried off, motioned up and in jammies. I keep doing the voice check to make sure Emily is okay and herself, not drowning. She responds with a “yeah” or an “okay.” I get ready to put Meg’s jammies on and she has peed through the towel the sheet and into the mattress. So I am changing linens while Brock goes in the bathroom to actually check on Emily. I hear a very calm “honey, come here.” I go to see what I assume is a very cute thing. What I find is that the entire brand new shampoo bottle is dumped into the tub and empty. There was so much shampoo in there that when I dumped a glass full of water on her head I just barely touched her hair to rub it and it started sudsing. I guess it was pretty cute. But only because I got the bottle for $1.15. Life is full of adventures and unexpected joys; especially when you have children.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

14 Reasons...

In honor of Valentines Day I would like to post 14 reasons why I love my husband. Aside from the obvious fact that he is extremely handsome they are (in no apparent order.)...

1. He has given me two of the most beautiful children in the world.
2. He is a great father to said children
3. He thinks my kisses are"divine"
4. He takes the day off work to take care of the girls so I can rest and get better when I have the stomach flu
5. He works so hard to provide for us
6. He strives hard to live worthy of his Priesthood so that he can be called upon at anytime.
7. He puts up with all my "great ideas"
8. He laughs when I whine instead of getting mad
9. He is a great kisser
10. He makes me laugh
11. He holds me when I cry
12. He listens to me even when what I have to say isn't that important to him
13. He is perfect (for me)
14. He is my wonderful eternal companion whom is a gift from my Heavenly Father.

I love you so much Brock. Happy Valentines Day

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nap Time

I am so grateful for nap time. Especially when the girls are both sleeping at the same time. It is my most productive time (these days), unless of course Meghan was up a lot to nurse and Emily decided to wake up at 5AM. I choose to sleep then. But today has been great. I put all the Food Storage away that I had to take off the top shelf in our Storage/Office/Library Room closet so the Verizon guy could check out the crawl space (See below post). I got everything cleaned up in Meghan's room and it is ready to vacuum, I reorganized the Hall closet because just as Abbey said it does" get messier before it gets cleaner." And now I've decided to Blog a bit because I can never seem to find the time. I need to finish putting away the laundry and oops EM's awake and Meghan needs to nurse or I am going to explode....TTFN

Phone Companies

So last week we switched from Comcast to Verizon because we were having problems with our phone cutting out all the time in the middle of calls. Truly annoying. So Brock found a deal on the Internet with Verizon. Basic phone and high speed Internet for $45.99. Not bad. It is saving us $12 a month or $144 a year. It comes with free long distance :-) but not caller ID, Call waiting, or voicemail. :-( So when you call you will receive a busy signal if I am on the phone. I won't know who you are ahead of time, and we do have an answering machine built into our phone so you can leave messages. Our number unfortunately was not able to port so we got a new one. I emailed every one I could. I don't want to post our new number so look on the ward directory or call Anna. :-) Everything is up and running now but it wasn't such an easy process. (Is anything ever?) So I couldn't go to provident living because the Verizon guy would be here anytime between 8-5. (Lovely, I'll just put my life on hold so they can show up whenever they want.) SO he shows up after I would have been home from provident living, of course. By the way Emily, Thanks for the demonstration soap. That was super nice. Anyhow Anna and the kids come over to deliver said soap and have lunch. Needless to say it is crazy fun in our little 1200 square foot apartment with 2 adults and 6 kids all 5 and under. The Verizon guy thought so too as he was stepping over children, toys, and poopy diapers, which by the way were alot. Sam alone had three, Seth had two and Emily had one. PEEEYEW! He was here for like 3 hours trying to get our phone to work.. There was something wrong with our jacks and he wouldn't go into the attic/crawlspace to see if he could fix it. (Understandable, just following company policy). He just couldn't figure out what was the problem. He kept telling me that Comcast must have run something through our jacks and I kept telling him it was all a cable line. Finally he left and we had no new phone. Fortunately we hadn't cancelled Comcast yet so we still had a phone. The next day I am getting the girls around and getting ready to leave for an appointment and there is a knock at the door. It is another Verizon guy. I had no idea they were coming. So again I couldn't make my appointment. He was here to install the DSL stuff for the Internet. Which he couldn't do because our jacks weren't working correctly. (No thanks to the guy the day before who didn't fix them.) But Mike was great .He worked on every jack and checked out he crawlspace so we could be up and running. So now we are. The bonus is he didn't charge us for the extra labor ($90/half hour). And he was here almost 3 hours. I fed him lunch out of gratitude. Why can't anything ever go smoothly??