"In our day to day actions, it is often the small and simple things that will have a long-lasting impact. What we say, how we act, and how we choose to react will influence not only ourselves but also those around us. We can build up, or we can tear down." -Per G. Malm

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Life With Two

So I have not blogged recently not necessarily because I have two children now but because I have two children now. And the fact that I haven't even finished writing about everything in my journal yet so I haven't felt like I could blog. But here is a quick update. My dad stayed with us the week we got home when Brock went back to work. So I thought I'd take advantage of an extra pair of hands and got some more projects done. (There is always something to be done). Which Brock said to me today it is good that I am staying busy or else post par tum might kick in. I think this is in reference to yesterday where I didn't do much of anything and was moody. Then it was Christmas. Thank goodness I got all the gifts made and wrapped before the baby came. My dad went home on the 20th and moved back in on the 21st since he had no power, heat, or water (one of his pipes burst in 3 spots). So blessing in disguise for me because I don't think I was quite ready to be on my own. He went home the day after Christmas to fix his pipes and all is well. I did surprisingly well all by myself. I think I got all my emotional stuff out at the hospital. I have been really patient and calm with the girls (knock on wood). We'll see if this keeps up. I attribute it to not being pregnant and sore. I can deal with more when I can actually move with out it hurting. But still it seems bizarre to me. The entire delivery on has seemed bizarre. I am NOT complaining at all. In fact I feel very blessed. I hope all my deliveries and after follow suite of this one. Here is another bizarre point that again I am not complaining about. When we took Meghan in for her newborn check up (she was 6 days old) I decided to weigh myself. I had only gained 10 pounds this pregnancy and was curious to see if I had lost it all yet. Imagine my surprise when the scale said I had lost 22 pounds. I got back on and double checked and it was accurate. But still I was skeptical. After all, it was a scale in a pediatricians office. Granted it did say up to 350 lbs. on it. But I triple checked with a digital scale when I picked Emily up from Anna's. So hey don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I'll take an extra 12 lbs off any day. So now I'm starved of course and scared to eat. I don't want to lose the momentum. But I am eating and just making wise choices. If I can lose 1 pound a week from now until my birthday I will weigh what it says on my drivers licence. :-)
Emily is taking to Meghan really well. She is a big helper. Perhaps too big. (see quote of the week). I think she might choke her to death with the pacifier. And if I don't get a shower before Brock leaves for work, it's either nap time or after dinner. I am too scared to leave them alone together even if she is in the bassinet or crib. Emily is very agile and can climb into anything if she really wants to. But we are all doing well. It especially feels good that my wonderful husband walks around the house smiling and commenting on how he has the perfect little family. And that he says "we really do make the most beautiful babies." He is so great. Well ladies, Brock and Emily are at church, Meghan is sleeping, that means shower for mom. TTFN.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Baby Fruth

Welcome to
Meghan Kruse Fruth

was born on December 9, 2008 at 9:23am.
She weighed 8lbs, 10.5 oz.

She has Brock's feet and nose, Emily's mouth, and Becca's toes!

This is Anna guest-blogging and since I got to be there, Becca said I could spread the news! Becca went in on Monday night around 11pm. She was getting checked out for a little bulge on her belly (uh...I guess no one mentioned that a bulging belly comes with the pregnancy:) and she hadn't felt the baby move much. She was 6-7cm and was admitted. She called me at 3am and said she was an 8 so I headed over. At this time, Becca had not had ANY contractions at all. No pain...at an 8!!! I couldn't believe it! The nurse broke her water at 5am and around 6 am she had a few contractions. Things got harder around 7am and she was having regular contractions...finally! Towards 9am, she started feeling "pushy" and really pushed from about 9 o'clock on. She was a trooper! NO DRUGS! Even though she was at an 8 for about 6 hours. The nursing student that was there throughout the birth said, "You are my hero!" and I know that I was thinking the same thing! Congratulations, Fruths!!!!

PS. I edited this entry because I spelled Meghan's name wrong earlier, it is now correct. Sorry, I am claiming lack of sleep:)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

11 Days

So I have 11 days left until my official due date. I had an appointment on Thursday and I was dilated to 3 cm. and she said she could stretch me to 3 1/2 cm. And I am 70% effaced. She keeps saying that I will go early which is what she told my friends Abbey and Anna. (They didn't go early). So in my brain I am not buying in to the false sense of hope. I figure with my luck I will either go today because she is on call at the Main hospital and I am delivering at the North hospital. Or I will go on the 20th because that is when she starts vacation. But We're hanging in there and just waiting to see what happens.