"In our day to day actions, it is often the small and simple things that will have a long-lasting impact. What we say, how we act, and how we choose to react will influence not only ourselves but also those around us. We can build up, or we can tear down." -Per G. Malm

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Emily Says things like....

Most siblings will call their siblings cute little pet names like "sweetie, baby, peanut, etc...

Emily calls Meghan cute names like "you little ray gun," "you pokey little sharp knife," "you popcorn," "you little golf ball" and today on the way home from church she called her a "little skunk"

I say to Emily "you make me smile" she answers with " I love you too."

While chopping vegetables for dinner I say "Emily, will you take out the recycling?" She says with a huge exasperated sigh, "I have to do everything!" Really? You do?

Today in sacrament we are sitting in our pew. It is after the opening and brother Harper is doing announcements. Suzy (name has been changed to protect the innocent) and her family come in the pew behind us. Emily says to Suzy. "It already started."

Grandpa Brock is talking to daddy Brock about the deer jerky he brought. Emily adamantly says "we don't say that word." Then I have to explain that we don't say Jerk but jerky is a type of meat (sort of) and that it is okay to say jerky blah, blah, blah.

She is the word police. She has yelled at grandma for saying gosh and stupid. And Brock who yelled out gosh after stubbing his toe. And me after yelling dang it when I couldn't take it any more. The list goes on. I apologize if she has policed anyone reading this. We are trying to teach her that other people may say things we don't. She's three.

Emily has her doctor kit out and is taking my blood pressure. I say, "are you a doctor Emily?" She says, "no I'm like a doctor." Oh, well, yeah.

I could go on and on. It is so fun to see what she will come up with next.

Fun times with my Sister

Here are some shots of the girls playing together in their various forms of fun.
They love to play in the laundry basket.

I rarely get a picture where they both are smiling. Here Meghan is actually laughing hysterically while Emily clearly doesn't want to share the chair.

Helping "clean up "the utensils after banana bread baking

In this one Emily is so happy to give hugs and Meghan is actually screaming to have her let go. Can't we all just get along?

This is one of my favorites. I love that they love books and I love that they are enjoying them together.

So Grandma got Emily this Princess bed set for Christmas and it came with a mask to sleep with. This is her a couple weeks ago. Well we haven't been able to find her mask and so tonight I had to get her a wet washcloth to lay over her eyes so she would go to sleep.

Thank goodness its what?

We've heard the phrase thank goodness its Friday. Well let me tell you about my Friday last.
*Come home to Emily being awake at 10:30 at night on Thursday night. Just hanging out on her bed playing and reading books. At least she was enlightening her mind.
She doesn't go to bed until after 11:00. So why would she wake up at 6:30 in the morning on Friday instead of sleeping in? I don't know maybe because she is psychotic.
*Get her and Meghan around, breakfasted, etc.. Give Emily breathing treatment. (Both girls have been on them for 2 weeks. Well, Emily one and Meghan 2).
* Have a business training meeting at 8:30. Meghan refuses to be put down with out screaming her head off and Emily will not sit and watch a movie so we won't be bothered. I remember some stuff.
*Give Meghan breathing treatment. That is the biggest joke. It is like torture for both parties. Get frustrated and bawl.
*Baby goes down for nap a little after 10 and right after treatment.
*Emily and I bake 3 tiered chocolate birthday cake for Brock's surprise birthday party the next day.
*Meg wakes up from nap.
*Try to get house cleaned and ready for people coming next day. Decide to wait until kids go to bed.
*Meghan crawls around screaming and holding on to my leg while I try to decorate cake all the while fighting back toddler "helping" fingers.
*Put both girls down for nap
*Have no recollection of what I did. Other than get things ready for that night. (Pack diaper bag, etc...)
*Run upstairs to two screaming children. Emily did not make it to the bathroom after her nap and Meghan just woke up grumpy (yeah, surprise).
*Clean huge puddle on carpet (where does she store it all?)
*Decide she should just get a bath. It's been a few days. Might as well do the baby too. Her antibiotic causes diarrhea. Bath should help with rash.
*Get baby out of tub and dressed in jammies. Its only 4:30 but I am being proactive.
* Go into Emily's room to realize she had peed on the bed too. How many bladders does she have?
*Run the linens and some other clothes down and start load in washer.
*Run back up stairs to screams of "Mommy". I enter the bathroom to see Emily holding a very soggy lump. " Mom, Meghan threw the toilet paper into the tub." I notice that she also threw in a tampon or two. Unwrapped even.
*Scoop up as much T.P. shreds out of tub as I can, let water out, refill tub and wash toddler.
*Get her dressed in jammies as well and decide it is time for dinner.
* Open fridge to get our thawed venison to make spaghetti. Exclaim "Oh Great!" and clean up deer blood that leaked through the Ziploc bags s it was thawing. Come on lets make some more durable bags please.
Decide we are just having left overs. Emily white chicken chili, Meghan cheese to help with the diarrhea. I'm sure she ate something else but I don't remember.
*Anna comes over a little after 6.
*Brock comes home a little after her.
*We throw the girls into family car. Brock takes the girls to my dad's while he visits the accountant to get the taxes done and Anna and I go out for a well deserved break from sick kids and crazy life.
*We ate at Carlos O' Kelly's and went to the Home and Garden show to which I had gotten free tickets (yeah).
*Kids were in bed when I got home. Snuggled with hubby, watched the Olympics and went to bed.

Discover Fort Wayne 2010-February

So our February Discover Fort Wayne was not very exciting. This month seemed to fly by (maybe because there are only 28 days?). We actually did just a dinner and a movie, however we did it for less than $20.00. First we went to Fridays for dinner. They currently have the special of an appetizer, main dish, and dessert for $12.99. We split, which was the perfect helping size, not too full; not too hungry.
After wards we went to the "sticky shoes" as we call it. To others it is known as the Coventry 13 $3.00 theater. The movie was cute. Not one that I would buy or ever rent again but at 10:00 at night was good enough.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Discover Fort Wayne 2010-January

So our discovery for January was this great hill in Columbia City (about 15 minutes west). We went sledding with our friends the Fey's. Of course my battery died when I was about to take the picture of it. So once I get the pics from Jana I will be able to add the pictures in to this post. The hill was not too steep that it was hard to climb up but it was angled well enough to send you way out into the field before your sled stopped. It was so much fun and the cost was free. Try this out with your family.

A Valentines Story

So I thought I would get crafty this Valentine's day and I went to Hobby Lobby (one of my most favorite stores) and bought a fake wood mail box and some cute scrapbook paper. I then covered the afore mentioned mailbox with said paper and this is what I got.

The black letters say Love Letters if you couldn't make it out.

Then every day until Vday I would put a love letter in it letting my sweetie know how much I love him and why. We decided to keep it up all the time. So when the flag is up that means someone has a love letter waiting for them.

This last Saturday I was out running errands and couldn't understand why the traffic was horrific. Then it dawned on me that the next day was Valentines and all the lame-o last minute shoppers were out trying to woo their intended with flowers (which die) and/or chocolate (which makes you fat). I was very put out. I mean I could have walked to office depot and Aldi's faster than it took me to drive for crying out loud.

I don't know if its just me but I am not HUGE into Valentine's Day. I think it is because everyday is Valentines Day for me. Brock does sweet things all the time with out hints or I want this or whatever. I know I am loved and appreciated everyday. So I guess I don't need a selected day of the year. Just me I guess. I am happy for all of you fellow bloggers who get into the day and get what you want.